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Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek - R. Cooper

I love R. Cooper's stories. They're quiet and restrained and filled with long, lingering looks and tons of UST. And really, there's nothing much else in this latest book of hers. But as another reviewer so succinctly said, there's a wonderful a sense of security and comfort in this. Perhaps it's because it's rather old fashioned and ...pure. The distilled way in which the two main characters connect in the busy, noisy coffee shop reminded me of the scene in Pride and Prejudice (2005) when Darcy and Elizabeth are dancing this frenzied jig (or whatever) and suddenly the background noises fade and it's just them and their gazes lock and it's so intense.
No words are needed.  We are given one, hot kiss and that's it. And sometimes, that's more than enough.  :)