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Homespun - Layla M. Wier 4.5 stars

There's a quiet beauty in this story. The kind that brings an ache to your throat and makes it hard to swallow for a bit. The way the setting is described, the farmhouse seen from afar in the dusk, one solitary light burning from within and the faint sounds of country music carrying across the yard. Beauty in the two main characters, their relationship so fraught with differences and hurt but a love that is pure and strong and healing, if only they'd let it.

Lyrical but spare, the writing is simply gorgeous. I adore the author for giving us two middle aged men and all the character depth and angst that that brings but so wish we'd had a glimpse into how their relationship started those twenty something years ago. But that's me just being greedy :) I loved, loved solid, practical (but secretly romantic) Owen and Kerry, so determined to be unchained and beholden to no one but desperately in need of family, an anchor and a home.

The descriptions of the yarn and the murals, the passions that elevate the two disparate worlds and weave them together into something...beautiful. Something hopeful.

He loved the farm, loved Laura, was happy here—but there was a cool stillness in him when Kerry was gone. Not like an emotional winter, exactly, but maybe an emotional autumn—the world hanging in crisp, sleeping silence, waiting for the first snowflake to fall. Waiting for Kerry to come back into their lives, bringing his art and his unpredictability—like a butterfly, beautiful and wild and fragile, something so delicate that it could only be held with open hands.

Highly, highly recommended to all Sarah Black and Julie Bossa fans. Layla Wier is most definitely an author to watch in the future.