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Have You Seen Me - Katherine Scott Nelson Hauntingly beautiful writing. Funny as hell at times, but bone crushingly sad too... with this constantly growing sense of menace that left me wondering when things were going to go terribly, horribly wrong.
This is not your average coming of age teen drama. It is a harsh, realistic story of two amazingly brave and resilient young people who, in spite of a spectacularly shitty start, might just turn out ok.

Oh. And the writing? Just beautiful.

Granddad was my hero, once. When I was a kid, sometimes he’d put me to bed with stories that would make my mom and dad wonder why I looked so tired in the mornings. When he spoke, I could hear the wings on the puddlejumper creak, the metal traps clang against the side of the cabin, and the bears stir in their caves. His beard radiated the smell of stained leather and spring lightning. “When that wing dipped under,” he’d say, craning his hands to represent the wing of his Super Cub and the wild waves in some remote sound, “I thought that was it for me. I started praying to God to at least make it quick.”......
One day I had to slice into that ice-cream-colored little-boy dream, cut it apart, and reduce Granddad to a bitter old bastard who’d once had a dangerous job. It was like splitting the clouds and letting the harsh sun through.

Read it.