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The Pawn - Kate Sherwood 4.5 stars

I loved this quiet, intense story of Remy, a man who's been a prostitute living in slave-like conditions since the age of 9. When he first meets Adam he is cocky and arrogant and throws himself into the seduction with robot-like efficiency. Adam is not so easily seduced, but that first meeting sets off a chain of events that has Remy slowly emerging from the fearful and mindless drudgery of his day to day existence into something tentatively hopeful. In fact, I love that in a way, it is Adam who does the seducing.... who reawakens memories of home and family ...and freedom.

I would have liked to have found out more of what makes Adam tick but I suspect that more will be revealed in book two, The Knight. I can't wait to see more of Remy and Adam being an actual couple, solidifying their relationship and working through the obvious issues of Remy recovering from years and years of sexual and physical abuse.

Sparse and haunting with a decent plot and interesting supporting characters- this is going to be a fascinating series!