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Death of a Blues Angel
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Ann Somerville
The General and the Horse-Lord - Sarah Black I'm at a loss for words at this point so I'll point you in the direction of Lauraadriana's and Lady*M's reviews....they say it all, really. But I will add that Sarah Black's characters resonate with me in a way that few others do. John and Gabriel...and Kim and Billy, (oh, I could go on to list the rest of the supporting cast but that would be boring as hell)...are all too warm, too real, too bloody charming to let go of just yet.

Sarah Black, thank you. You made me actually do the chortle-out-loud-while-hugging-the-Kindle thing, not once but three times!!!....and that was when I wasn't swooning... or sniffing..or being totally charmed silly by your magnificent men.

An awesome read.
Highly, highly recommended.