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Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose After trying (and putting down to finish later- possibly WNF) some pretty derivative BDSM-themed stories over the last few weeks, this one was a pleasant surprise. I would have to agree with Simsala that the ending was a bit rushed, but great writing and characters kept it a five star read for me. I loved Gavin; his toughness combined with vulnerability and the desperate need to hand over the burdens and stresses caused by his job and loving (but helluva controlling) family.
Gavin and Ben had some delicious chemistry - their connection is both very believable and tantalizing. The sex/play scenes were incredibly hot- I think Gavin can be forgiven for missing some pretty big clues as to who the killer was! Hard to do all that detecting with wobbly legs and a sore botty every day :D
Crime mystery plot aside, I loved the depth and sensitivity given to the supporting characters and thought the author did a wonderful job at showing just how quickly a D/s relationship can deepen to the most intimate level.
An entertaining read- highly recommended!