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I don't usually do vampires...and I try to avoid books with angels but something about Vio's review appealed to me. I can't resist an underdog.
I mentally three-starred this about a third of the way but then these guys, these three wonderful, multifaceted guys, sneakily began to turn on the charm. The plot is a little crazy, totally unpredictable (or perhaps this is just because I don't read many vamp/angel fics) and so refreshingly different three stars became four. What happens in the final third totally won me over. The love, the angst, the twists and turns in a cracking plot.... it's a win!

Read this little underdog. It's fast paced, well written and has three MC's who will sneak into your heart.

ETA-I should warn that this seems to be the first in a series and it ends with a helluva of a cliffhanger. Cannot wait for the next installment!