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Winter - Josh Lanyon
This was quintessential Lanyon and I loved it. Beautiful writing, two complex, interesting characters- each so consumed with dealing with their own demons and past traumas they don't appear to need each other at all. Except they do ...and such wonderful dialogue from that delicious push and pull- the snark and dry humour and then the gradual (and swoon-worthy)glimpses of warmth and grudging affection as the two begin to open up more to each other. I loved the slow reveal of why Flynn appears to be holding on to his sanity by his fingernails...and that there is still much to learn about Kirk who, beneath an aloof, austere exterior shows warmth and gentleness. I hesitate to say it, because the Adrien English series is believed to be the benchmark in MM romance and such a crowd favourite, but this one has the potential to be as good.
Just how these two men get to find their HEA has me very curious. I relish the thought that there will be more but please don't keep me waiting too long!