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Marathon Cowboys - Sarah Black This story moved me enough to attempt a review. I worry that I'm not going to do it justice. So I'll be brief.

It ticks all the boxes I have for an unforgettable love story with a few bonus extras thrown in to send this into the realms of one-of-the-best-mm-romances-EVAH.

Themes of family and belonging, trust and self-discovery, hurt/comfort and acceptance are all here in spades. Written so beautifully, with such a light, yet eloquent touch. I loved that the two main characters are both exploring their art and spend a good deal of time discussing and thinking about the creative process. How unusual! And although I’m not an expert, it has a very authentic feel to it. Exploring the power of icons and symbols and the importance of art (and artists) in our society today was fascinating. Aside from all the arty bits, it’s the wonderful characters who will linger on in my memory of this book.

And some powerful imagery will stay with me for a good long while:
He sat on the top porch step, and I took one of the rocking chairs. He played an old classical guitar with nylon strings, and the sound was muted and gentle, old Spanish songs and slow fingerpicking. After an hour, The Original came out and brought us coffee, and we sat together, watching the stars, rocking, listening to Jesse play, and watching the storm blow in.

Beautiful story! Read it.