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All My Crimes - Tal Valante This one was unsatisfying. Lots of potential in the plot but it just didn't deliver. Too much crammed into too few pages. The hero was recovering his memory and his flashbacks came thick and fast- they showed glimpses of what might have been an amazing fantasy story. The MC seemed intriguing - he'd been through hell and back, apparently. Captured by elves and betrayed by his lover (...oooh...this could have been soooo good!)I wanted to be a part of that adventure. Instead, we get dumped into the last two chapters of the story...such a waste. There is a hint of romance but it's bittersweet and there is only off-screen sex (which is a shame as it could have been HOT)....all a bit wishy washy.
As a full length novel this may become one cracking good read.