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The Broken Triangle - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Firstly, I think it’s important to say right away,(and I don’t think it’s spoilerish because judging from the comments, people are wary of this) this story doesn't involve a threesome. Without giving too much away, it does not involve cheating either. What it does involve is sweet, somewhat naïve, sexy Vin and outrageously slutty Patrick -both from Square Peg #1.Riley, the other guy, is gorgeous and sweet too, and pretty much all Vin’s been dreaming about since High School. But Vin eventually chooses one. Actually, by the halfway mark you’ll be begging for him to make a particular choice.

I’m a huge fan of the UST/slow burn and although there was a good dose in this book, even more would possibly have made this a 5-star read for me. There’s an incredibly hot scene when Vin and Patrick go downstairs to investigate a noise in the bar and find Shane and Ben having rough, kinky sex on the pool table....phwoar!!!I wanted the more of the slow sizzle resulting from that scene. Once it had been established who Vin should be with, the authors could have really milked that aspect a bit more. Woah...pun so not intended but how else to phrase? Lol image

I really enjoyed Patrick. I love how a character can use vampy, in-your-face behaviour to cover up a world of hurt and insecurity. And then to see that character exposed,in rare moments of utter seriousness, all walls down, is like receiving a gift. I cheered when the story eventually (!!) moved to his POV. Fans of the first book will love the glimpses of Shane and Ben throughout the story, how they both take Patrick under their wing and but give him a snot klap (SA-speak for smack) back into line when he needs it.

This a good, well written story with strong, likeable characters. Recommended to those who loved the first in the series.