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Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan, Nicholas Robideau Irrepressible. Fun. Whimsical. Wise. Poetic.
This book blew me away and I'm not a gay teen. How is that possible? Perhaps because it's told with such simple elegance and sensitivity. Perhaps because it gave me a sense that this world in which the football star is also a flaming transvestite, might one day actually be a reality. And perhaps because those bitter-sweet memories of high school and finding acceptance, and love, still resonate many years later.

I started listening to a (most excellent!)full cast audio book production of the story but knew I was missing out on the words. And man, does this author know how to use words. So I toggled between the the two, listening then reading. Or reading then listening (the audio is really that good)and immersed myself fully in Levithan's charming world.

Highly, highly recommended.