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Double Blind - Heidi Cullinan OMG. I have read this book enveloped in such warmth and sweet, angsty goodness...I tried to make it last but just couldn't put it down. You know an author has you by jugular when you think about the characters when you're in the mall and in the car at traffic lights... and you're tempted to switch on the Kindle so you can read some more at said traffic lights.
So gorgeous. So heart-achingly gorgeous and sexy and kinky without ever being cheap and obvious.

I know nothing about poker, or gambling for that matter. I spent a few hours in the casino in Monte Carlo once and felt not the slightest bit of interest in cashing in my hard earned travelers cheques.
Starting this book had me worried that I'd get bogged down in game rules and lingo but I, like Ethan, was seduced and beguiled by the cocky but charming Randy. He explains the nuances of the game without getting technical and, for most of the time, I was thinking..'ok, I think get it!'
Oh, and it was so good to see Sam and Mitch from Special Delivery again.
This book made me laugh and cry (often) and totally swept me up into it's world of aces and finding your own little oasis in the desert. Ok, that's embarrassingly corny but I've just put the book down and don't want to let go of the feelgood just yet. ;-P

M/M romances of this quality are hard to beat. Everything else (including the best of het romances) pales in comparison.
Brava Ms Cullinan!