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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan Heidi Cullinan is an auto-buy author for me and this wonderful story of Ed and Laurie does not disappoint.

I'd read the first chapter on her blog months ago and couldn't stop thinking about damaged football player Ed, enduring both physical and emotional pain, and I wondered how the hell he'd end up partnered up with Laurie, the dancer, who appeared to be everything Ed was not. I loved that their attraction was pretty immediate. That there were no games, no dancing (heh- sorry!)around the fact that they knew they were somehow just right for each other. Both men have had to deal with crushing disappointments and the sheer joy and security they feel in each others arms, and the hope that dancing together gives them, had me in tears more than once.
Also.... two men doing the Argentinian tango...what could be hotter? ;-P

I loved Ed and Laurie and was sorry to let them go - I know their story will linger with me for a long while. Thanks Heidi!

Two men dancing the Argentinian Tango