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Song of Oestend (Oestend, #1) - Marie Sexton I'm a huge Marie Sexton fan and she doesn't disappoint in Song of Oestend.

I enjoyed the strange, eerie world of wraiths and magic Marie has created. Nothing too overtly paranormal with enough references to the familiar that it never felt too over the top.
What I love most about Marie's work is her wonderful characterization and Deacon and Aren were so human in their strengths and frailties, so real... each finding in the other the courage and confidence not only to survive their harsh surrounds but to find beauty and a sense of belonging there too.
The BDSM element is explored in such a pure, natural way. It just made sense ! I find it refreshing that the young, slight, previously submissive man is the one who discovers his dominant self... and the very sexy menage scene left me curious as to how these men's future would unfold.
Loved it!