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Bound By Honor (Men of Honor #1) - S.E. Jakes I found this a disappointing read. It started so full of promise with sizzling, crackling tension between Tanner and Damon. My problem with it was that there was no slow build up... lots of sex, yes, but none of that slow reveal. No peeling back of the layers of two potentially fascinating characters. As Heidi Cullinan so beautifully wrote in a recent blog post,
....the gooey chocolate center of a novel...
is the real, gut-clenching worry that the characters won't get together by the end of the book. But for this to happen you need to really care about them. Damon, emotionally scarred and so full of delightful baggage started the book as an asshole and didn't really move beyond that by the end of the book.
I'd have liked more fleshed out MC's, less focus on supporting characters and lots more tension.