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Split - Mel Bossa Read this all the way through in one sitting, only switching off the light close to 2AM this morning. Needless to say, I loved it!
Let me explain this little weakness I have...I love geeky, vulnerable heroes. Ones with asthma pumps and a terrible stutter and an equally debilitating crush on the bad boy next door float my boat very nicely thank you. The story is told through Derrick's point of view, flashing back via diary-style letters to his tragic and lonely teenage self.
Derrick's inability to really connect and find a sense of belonging continues into adulthood and my heart ached for him. Both MC's are scarred and hurt and the tension and build-up is deliciously long (another weakness I have)....when they do eventually get together? It's romance nirvana.

Derrick's story is a sad one and there's lots of lovely angst but it's so nicely balanced with a wonderfully quirky supporting cast that it doesn't come across as melodramatic or over the top. I found it cathartic and sweet and Derrick and Nick are perfect together.
Absolutely perfect.
Beautifully written.
Highly recommended.