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Falling Off the Face of the Earth - J.F.  Smith This was another late, late night read for me. I told myself I wouldn't switch off the light until the MC's shared that first kiss...and JF Smith kept me dangling and hanging on in that oh, so sweet way.

I adored this story. The plot is simple and certainly not unique but it's the utterly adorable cast of characters who make this story. Both MC's have so much depth- James, the successful businessman who is brought low by poor judgement and tragedy, and Brick, a man struggling to forgive himself. Forgiveness, redemption and the longing we all have, to belong, to find a place in the world where people accept us for who we are...these threads are woven into a beautifully told story.
The wonderful supporting cast add just the right dash of humour to prevent the story from being overly sweet and angsty. (Jerry, the newly appointed, dope smoking, Chief of Police has got to be one of the best straight friends evah!)

Beautiful story. Highly recommended!
$2.99 at Amazon.