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Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson Oh, I loved this story!
Howie is an adorable underdog. At 22, the aimless twin of a perfect brother, he has sacrificed dreams of travel and escape from his little town to stay with his mom. He’s outwardly brash and funny as hell but inside he’s mostly sad and insecure. His finding a job at the craft store does so much more than lead him to love. It allows him to start believing in himself, to learn to open up and to trust others. Yes, he does accept the fact that he’s gay with surprisingly few qualms, but the fact that he’s more worried about disappointing others shows the sweetness and sensitivity of this manboy.
There is no sex in the book and, while I would have loved a bit more heat, there is enough warmth of the fuzzy variety to make up for it. (I really didn't miss it. Much.) However, a good balance of snarkiness and poignancy keeps it from being too overly sweet. With a charming cast of supporting characters and great pop culture and literary references peppered throughout ,( in fact, it kind of comes with its own soundtrack) I can totally see this as a John Hughes-type movie. Just what has happened to those fantastic coming-of-age movies anyway? As a teen of the eighties I’m just showing my age here, I guess. ;-P
Sweet, charming, funny and beautifully written – I’ll snap up anything Hannah Johnson writes next.

ETA- Lots of reviewers have commented on the high price. It's now $5.99 at Smashwords. Give it a try. :)