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Franky Gets Real - Mel Bossa I’m not sure I liked Frankie for much of this book. He’s shallow, insecure and self-centred – a bit of a prick, actually. But Mel Bossa writes with such skill and uses such wonderful, rich prose she sucked me in and I just could not put this one one down. The story is fraught with drama and angst (yes, a lot of angst and drama...maybe not for the faint of heart! ;-P )as it’s not only Frankie who struggles with unsolved issues from the past. The cast of supporting characters are well drawn and, as the days go by and secrets are revealed, I found myself heavily invested in them all. Bossa was quite merciless with poor Frankie but towards the end he begins to show glimpses of the kind of man he will eventually become. Bittersweet and sad in parts, and most certainly a HFN, this story reminds us all to let go of past regrets and guilt and accept what is real, and good, about our lives now.
As with Split, the story of Frankie and his friends resonated strongly with me. I know that days from now I will continue to think about him and wonder how things turned out. And that, surely, is the sign of a good book.

Oh, and Ms Bossa? Could we have a Vlad and Eli story ….please? As the only two who had their shit together that weekend…lol... And actually had some fun camping (and lots of lusty lovin’, by the sounds of things), I loved this couple!