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Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox Well, I love Harper Fox’s writing style- yes, it did seem strangely clunky at first and took me a while to make a connection with the narrator, Vince, who seemed distant and cool. But at the 40% mark the pace picked up. As Vince’s controlled, well ordered life starts to unravel and well, fall to pieces actually, he becomes more vulnerable and touchingly human. I have always had a soft spot for broken, wounded MC’s and loved the way he is utterly overwhelmed by Rowan’s warmth and vitality and quiet strength. Their slow burn relationship is cautious and tentatively hopeful and seemed very real. Both are so messed up, but perfect for each other.
Fox’s lyrical style wove wonderful imagery of the city of Newcastle a place teeming with history, where beauty can still be found, and made, in and amongst the squalor and crime. A lot of boxes ticked… hurt/comfort, broken and scarred MCs, themes of redemption and courage and hope, not to mention a cracking crime plot. ;-P
Just what I was in the mood for.
Loved it!