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Gives Light (Gives Light, #1) - Rose Christo I ADORED this book.
I'm not sure any words of mine can do it justice but I feel I owe the author at least a good try. As so many reviewers have already mentioned, the writing is beautiful... like a drink of cool water or a deep breath of fresh air and makes everything else I've read recently seem overly fussy and a little silly. The character of Skylar is going to be indelibly etched in my memory for a long time. He is endearingly honest and innocent but at the same time he has a wisdom far beyond his years. The Reservation, seen through the eyes of quietly observant Skylar is a fascinating place and I found myself longing for a log cabin (complete with quilt-making crotchety Granny) of my own in Nettlebush.
The lyrical writing, paired with such wonderfully deep and complex characters adds up to a book I'd happily put alongside anything by Ben Monopoly or Sarah Black on my bookshelf.

Highly, highly recommended.