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Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow - S.P. Wayne 4.5
I don't do shifter stories, normally. But something in MandyM's review spoke to me and her reviews have been like little 'x marks the spot' treasure locators for me lately, so I thought I'd give it a go.

And I struck gold! Winter Wolf hit many soft spots; the slow burn romance, the beautiful descriptions of Axton's hermit-like paradise in the woods (which is pretty much my idea of paradise too)and the poignant, almost sad, unrequited aspect to it that just hurts soooo gooood.

Axton and Leander have a way to go still in their relationship- too many imbalances and uncertainties and the fact that Leander still appears to be a somewhat benevolent asshole... so thank goodness there's a sequel due, in Spring 2013, apparently.

Highly recommended!