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The Tradesman's Entrance - Cameron Vale I re-read this while a rather fine young plumber was bent under my kitchen sink this afternoon and am bumping it up to 5 stars cause Stephen (a.k.a Patience DeVere) and David are even more bloody awesome the second time round.

Dave runs the edge of the scissors teasingly down Stephen’s thigh and calf, laddering the tights into a barcode of shivering, exposed, white flesh as he goes.
“Nice set of pins, you’ve got on you there. The dancer I shagged in that West End theatre didn’t have legs as good as yours, y’know that?”
Eyes widening at the unexpected compliment and the bizarre situation now unfolding, Stephen watches nervously as Dave pulls the nylon clear of the toes on one foot and starts to cut upwards.
“If your hand slips ...”
“It won’t.”
Snip, snip.
“You should know that I’m a bleeder.”
Snip, snip, snip.
“You’re a funny bleeder, right enough. No arguments on that front.”
Snip. Snip. Snip, snip, snip.
“You’re getting very fucking close, there.”
“I am, aren’t I?”
Snip, snip.
“Oh, Jesus, I can’t look.”
“Hold tight, Knicker-Twister. One last snip and we’re home. Think about it. There’s nothing in it for me if I massacre yer crown jewels, is there?”
“There. Free at last. One poor squished and, I have ta say, very kissable belly and ... hello? One poor squashed but still remarkably hard dick in need of some urgent resuscitation.”

Such a sweet, funny, charming little gem of a book. Cameron Vale, please give us another, luv!

PS- For once, when a glimpse of plumber's crack would actually have been appreciated, there was sadly not even a hint of skin. **pouts**