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Who Moved My Holepunch? - Anne Brooke 4.5 stars
Loved, loved this one!! Adorable, funny romcom about slightly OCD Darren who falls for his boss and discovers his inner Dom. Some actual chortling, laugh out loud moments here but also some wonderfully sensitive and romantic bits too. I am such a sucker for quirky, bookish underdogs and Darren is a new favourite.

With a groan, he leant forward and rested his head on the desk in front of his computer to see if it would make the confusion go away. It didn’t.
“Just checking the keyboard,” he said. “I think I dropped some biscuit crumbs in it earlier on. You can’t be too careful.”
A feeble excuse, he knew, but six months previously, a piece of ham sandwich had found its way beneath the “k” key and in the end had rendered it completely unusable. Darren had been surprised by exactly how much he’d needed the “k” when emailing, especially when trying to thank anyone, ask them anything or keep them informed.


Highly recommended :)