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Just for Fun - Tyler Knoll Hmmm...I was both irritated and entertained reading this but it was, admittedly, probably not the best story to read at the end of a long, shitty day. Plus it probably would have gone down better with a glass of vino but I've got none and forgot to buy more ...just to add to the general shittiness of the day...
I do love that this was a poke with a rather pointy stick at both MM romance readers and writers but I couldn't help but wish that the snarky but insecure bottom (but mostly just snarky) was a little less of a caricature - as soon as he went meta it took me right out it and it happened too often for me to become really invested in the story. But that's always been a real bugbear with me. I stopped watching Supernatural when all those fan wank episodes started cropping up.
So yes, some of my favourite tropes are teasingly waved around for effect but I wanted more, dammit! Laugh at us all you want but we love that shit! By the way, the bit at the end -when the top is having this totally dispassionate (and puzzling) conversation about the bottom while he has two fingers stretching the poor guy's arse was both hilarious and hot! ;)