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The Only Gold - Tamara Allen 6 stars.
OMG!Utterly beautiful writing. Swoonworthy romance. Perfect.
I am in love with this book and everything in it.... Jonah and Reid, New York in winter in 1888 (and the awesome blizzard that I've since found out actually happened - cool pictures here ),quirky boarding house occupants...even the bits about early banking were actually interesting! Awesomely drawn world, real and wonderful characters (so wonderful I was an hour late for work on Friday 'cause I just couldn't.let.go.) plus there's an actual plot!
Maybe I'll flesh this out some more when I've touched ground again, but for now;

It's bloody marvelous.
Read it.

PS- Now I'm just waiting for my car battery to actually die on me. Heh. Totally worth tempting fate.