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Fatal Shadows - Josh Lanyon I can't believe it's taken me this long to read something by Josh Lanyon.
And after Fatal Shadows has just blown me away he's become an instant favourite.

The story, the first in the Adrien English series, is written in first person. And as an earlier reviewer wrote... there's something about Adrien.... It's hard not to fall completely in love with him.
I love that he's flawed (he has a heart condition), somewhat of a loner and has a wonderfully sharp wit...that his gorgeous old book store (of gay and gothic whodunits)is called Cloak and Dagger Books! The tension between him and cop-in-the-closet Riordan is delicious. I love that Lanyon is making us wait- these two guys have clearly got a lot to work through before they can become intimate but you know that when they do it's going to be explosive.

Superbly written. Great characters. Going on Keeper Shelf. Highly recommended. : )