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In and Out - L.B. Gregg Listened to the audiobook version and I'm thinking a read could probably push this into 5 stars. Acerbic and self-deprecating, I found Holden such a fascinating character. Not easy to like, but when the tough exterior is stripped away by Adam (who almost certainly has some form of Asperger's) what is revealed is a deeply hurt and vulnerable man who has really no defenses against the sweet, naive young man. Opposites attract mixed with snarky hurt-comfort made me sit in the dark, in my car outside work every morning, trying to eke out a few more minutes! :D

Shannon Gun narrates all the Men of Smithfield books and he's done a very credible job so far (I'm currently listening to my third) but I just had one niggle. The whiny drawl he gave Holden did get on my nerves a bit, but didn't detract much from the story.

I really loved this!