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Death of a Blues Angel
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Ann Somerville
Cold Front - Ann Somerville What an incredible read.

This story was intense. The world building superb. Ren and Dek are so finely drawn, their relationship so complex and ....beautiful...they are now hands down, one of my favourite couples. The story is long, and dark and if you're not in the right head space you're likely to find it slow going until around the 30% mark. The reward for persevering is a gripping thriller, at times devastatingly sad, that will have you so utterly invested in the characters they'll be hard to let go at the end.

Probably not a good idea to read this in between watching episodes of season 2 of The Killing.... I plan on getting out today, playing with my nephew and doing (and then reading) something fun and silly and life-affirming.

Highly, highly recommended.