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Beyond the Edge - Elizabeth Lister 3.5

This story has some of the hardcore bits usually missing in M/M BDSM (enemas,puppy play and humiliation oh my!)but what it doesn't have is much emotional tension and conflict. The triangle element is introduced too late in the story (by this point I was already skimming the sex scenes, of which there are MANY)and it was all a bit....well, here's that awful word...too sweet, really. There is very little character development..other than the Dom turning to mush after falling in love with Tate and admitting he'd sub for him. image
I'm disappointed that it wasn't emotionally edgier but there were some intense scenes.... Tate having dirty words written all over his body then, later, in make-up and dressed like a whore, being forced to go to dinner with James. Hot!
I just couldn't connect on a visceral level with any of the characters and that is the one make or break factor for me and BDSM (well,reading it, anyway ;P)image ....forget the toys and implements of torture, it's all about the feelz. And this one left me a bit meh.