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The Adorned - John Tristan A very slow burn and not much plot to speak of, but a wonderfully textured and fascinating world seen through the eyes of a young slave boy, Etan. Twelve and a half hours of immersive, richly detailed storytelling read/performed by Shannon Gunn, a narrator who is fast becoming a favourite of mine = total bliss.
Wonderful characterisation, especially sweet Etan, who starts the story a pretty and somewhat naive slave boy, only useful for rent as an 'adorned' human canvas (and occasional whore) but ends it a changed man.

John Tristan is an author to watch. Shannon Gunn needs to picked up by more MM authors.

ETA- The Amazon Whispersync reduced price offer (buy the ebook on Amazon and get the Audible for cheap)is still available - $2,99 for a twelve hour audio book read by a quality narrator is a bloody good deal.